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We create environments that impress, and so they “move”.

Our homes can swell for a crowd or shrink for solitude, and so they “move”.

And when we stage homes, they sell, and so they “move”.

With unique experience in residential real estate and 20+ years selling luxury home furnishings, we can make your space MOVE!

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meet Karen Kline

My grandfather had a furniture store and interior design business, so maybe there’s an invisible gene that guided my path, but the route was certainly not direct. Raised in a home full of art and antiques with parents who loved to collect, I was cultured, but clearly much more entertained by my ability to create life-size structures from C&D debris, or intricately furnished home models from Lego blocks. Even as a child, I spent countless hours happily designing dwellings.

By default and perhaps misdirection, I became a Psych major and then a law school graduate, later finding work as a real estate lawyer and Associate RE Broker, the latter of which offered concentrated exposure to the wide spectrum of residential architecture, interior styles, and to the homeowners attached to them.

I returned to school - Parsons for Interior Design - and was invigorated by the fresh air of innovation that the law discourages by relying on precedent. I became resource librarian for a world-renown architect and felt both peace and excitement in their collaborative creative environment. A retail career ensued at a mini ABC Carpet inspired shop - salesperson, manager, buyer and merchandiser, leading to the organic birth of Spice Hill Interiors in 1999 which propelled me to become a shop owner in 2008. Most recently I’ve honed my expertise with custom window treatments.

My purpose on this planet is to help, and essential to that driving force, first I need to understand. My education and experience provide the foundation, clients deliver the framework, and I construct custom solutions to improve quality of life, because I can.

Mid-Century Lake House

Briarcliff Chateau

Greenwich Organic Ranch

Cross River Colonial

Scarsdale Contemporary

Larchmont Traditional

Irvington Tuscan-Inspired

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We offer a flexible menu of services and a wide range of products to adapt to a variety of budgets.

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