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Spaces that MOVE!

At Spice Hill Interiors our goal is to create environments that transport to a realm of serenity, and so they move.

Our finished products are designed to adapt, to swell with growing families and shrink for empty nesters, to accommodate crowds and offer quiet moments, and so they move.

And when we stage homes, they sell, and so they move.

We are an Interior Design and Home Staging firm working in Westchester and Fairfield counties. We offer our unique blend of real estate, renovation and home furnishings experience to make your space move!

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meet Karen Kline

Karen Kline has been a real estate lawyer, Associate RE Broker, architectural resource librarian, retail furniture buyer and merchandiser, in addition to 20 years servicing clients through Spice Hill Interiors. Her background spans the life-cycle of home-ownership - from purchase, through the details of interior design, to sale.

Instilled with strong ethics, Karen now has over 30 years providing quality home-related products and services to individuals, architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals. Always motivated to delight, Karen mixes precise detail with unrestrained creativity. Each project benefits from both her honed expertise and from the exciting possibility of innovation.

Karen is passionate about honesty, and so her solutions are generally simple, lacking in frill. She favors natural materials, neutral palettes, and seeks balance, fluidity, and functionality at every turn.

Mid-Century Lake House

Briarcliff Chateau

Greenwich Organic Ranch

Cross River Colonial

Scarsdale Contemporary

Larchmont Traditional

Irvington Tuscan-Inspired

Our services

We offer a flexible menu of services and a wide range of products to adapt to a variety of budgets.

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